WHGG is a radio station dedicated to bringing the live music experience to the listener. Ideally these stations would pop up in major cities showcasing the local talent and swapping recordings with other stations.
Located just off Rittenhouse Park the building was six floors plus a basement and a loft level on the top floor. In terms of program, this station had a venue (The Felt) with a juice bar just off to the side. Overlooking the stage was a “real bar” with space for DJs to go to work. There is a ticket counter in the front and security office in the back. Below are the green rooms and the archive, and just above are the venue’s support offices. Above the bar and the support offices are the isolated recording studios; one large studio, one medium, and one small, and two recording booths. Above the studios are a lounge, arcade, and sleeping rooms for the performers and guests visiting. The top floors were reserved for the station employees with an office for each branch and manager. There was a shared cafeteria space overlooking 16th and Chestnut Streets.

Programs used for this project: AutoCAD, Photoshop, SketchUp

Skills Used: Physical Model Making(Exacto), Hand Sketching, Presentation Working, Spray Painting